Break in Celebrity Burglary Case

The LAPD has made an arrest in connection to a string of recent burglaries at the homes of Los Angeles celebrities.

Break in Celebrity Burglary Case

The LAPD is expected to announce a big break in a slew of burglaries that have very obviously targeted celebrities living in the Los Angeles area.

Celebrities including Alanis Morissette, Nicki Minaj, Emmy Rossum, Jaime Pressly, David Spade, Christina Milian, Yasiel Puig, Derek Fisher, and Byron Scott have all been victims in burglaries or attempted burglaries in the Hollywood or Beverly Hills area over the last few years. While it was initially believed they were all separate instances, it now appears they all might be connected.

Recent Burglary at Robert Woods House

Just last week, the home of a Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Robert Woods was vandalized. His home in Woodland Hills home was broken into while Woods was playing against the Minnesota Vikings at the Los Angeles Coliseum. Also last week, Rihanna’s house was also potentially broken into. It’s unclear because while no one was home at the time, an alarm was sounding and lights were flashing at the home.

“During recent months, the Los Angeles Police Department has become aware of a series of residential burglaries targeting actors, producers, musicians and professional athletes living in the Los Angeles area,” according to the LAPD’s announcement. “Initially, it was believed that the homes were being burglarized at random. Detectives learned, however, that this wasn’t the case. The victims’ homes had been selected based on social media posting, touring or travel schedules of the owners.”

Tyress Williams

19-year old Tyress Williams has been arrested. He was detained on the evening of the Woods’ home burglary not far from the home. A search of the suspect’s car turned up items stolen from the athlete’s home in addition to several items alleged to have been taken from the homes of Yasiel Puig, and actress-singers Rihanna and Christina Milian.

Charges for Eduardo Leon – First Suspect Arrested

In May, Eduardo Leon, 26, was arrested after an assistant for Rihanna found him inside the singer’s home. Police allege he broke into Rihanna’s house and spent 12 hours inside. He was charged with stalking, first-degree residential burglary and vandalism. Below we discuss each type of charge.


In the state of California, any person who enters a residential or commercial building with the intention of committing a felony or theft once inside may be found guilty of burglary, even if the intended felony or theft is never completed. Burglary is a serious criminal offense, and if you find yourself facing charges of misdemeanor or felony burglary in Los Angeles, you could end up serving time in prison and paying substantial fines, among other legal consequences. Fortunately, there are a number of legal defenses that an experienced criminal defense lawyer can present on your behalf to help you fight burglary charges and avoid the considerable penalties associated with the crime. If you have been charged with – or are being investigated for – burglary in Los Angeles, don’t hesitate to hire qualified legal representation. With our legal team at Criminal Defense Attorney Los Angeles on your side, you can ensure that your legal rights are protected and develop a strong defense in your burglary case.

Defenses to Burglary Charges

Fighting burglary charges is not easy. Fortunately, a knowledgeable Los Angeles criminal defense attorney can inform you of the most useful legal defenses in California burglary cases, and help you develop an effective strategy for defending your innocence. The most common defenses to burglary charges in Los Angeles include:

  • Consent – Consent by the owner or person in charge of the home or business is an absolute defense to the crime of burglary in Los Angeles. If the defendant is the owner of the building, or if the owner agreed to let the defendant into the building knowing that he or she intended to commit burglary, this can be used as a defense in court.
  • Intoxication – Because intoxication hinders the ability of the defendant to form the requisite intent, this can be used as a defense to Los Angeles burglary charges. However, voluntary intoxication is not a valid defense, the circumstances must be that another person drugged the defendant for this defense to apply.

Some other possible defense strategies in a Los Angeles burglary case include proving: that you were mistakenly identified as the person who committed the crime (mistaken identity); that the police violated your rights; that you did not have the intent to commit a crime at the time you entered the building in question; and/or that the items you stole or intended to steal belonged to you or you believed you had a legitimate claim to them.

Stalking and Restraining Orders

If you have been accused of stalking, chances are you are facing a restraining order by the person who accused you.

California restraining orders and the criminal charges stemming from a conviction for a restraining order violation can have devastating consequences for defendants, possibly affecting their employment, professional licensing, reputation, custody rights, and firearm ownership, among other aspects of their lives. If you have been served with a temporary restraining order in Los Angeles, it is important that you act as quickly as possible to prevent it from turning into a permanent restraining order, which could affect where you can live, how much time you can spend with your children and your ability to own a gun. If the restraining order includes a move-out order, you could even be forced to move out of your home. And if you violate any of the terms and conditions of such an order, you could face criminal penalties as well. Our restraining order defense lawyers at Criminal Defense Attorney Los Angeles understand what a significant impact a restraining order can have on your life, and we know how to fight for your rights.

Restraining Order

Generally speaking, a restraining order is a protective order issued by the court to prohibit an individual from contacting or approaching a specified person or persons. Restraining orders are most commonly filed in Los Angeles domestic violence cases that involve stalking, harassment, sexual assault or other potentially harmful behavior or acts, but there are four main types of restraining orders in California, including:

  • Civil harassment restraining order – A court order issued to protect a person or persons from stalking, violence, serious harassment, or threats of violence.
  • Domestic violence restraining order – A court order issued to protect a person or persons from abuse or threats of abuse from a spouse, former spouse, domestic partner, boyfriend, girlfriend or co-habitant.
  • Elder or dependent adult restraining order – A court order issued to protect a person who is 65 or older, or a person who has a physical or mental disability, from abuse or neglect.
  • Workplace restraining order – A court order filed by an employer to protect an employee or employees from violence or the threat of violence.

If a temporary restraining order becomes a permanent order, you could risk losing some important rights, including your right to own a gun, spend time with your children and choose where you live, which is why it is imperative to retain a knowledgeable lawyer.

Defenses to Restraining Order Violation Charges

If you have been accused of violating a California restraining order, you could face significant criminal penalties in addition to a loss of certain rights. Fortunately, there are a number of defenses that can be used to fight restraining order violation charges in court. The following are some defenses an experienced criminal defense attorney can present on your behalf, to excuse, explain or justify your alleged criminal behavior:

  • The restraining order violation was unintentional
  • You did not know there was a restraining order against you
  • The restraining order was not issued properly, or it was issued illegally
  • You were falsely accused of violating the restraining order
  • You were physically unable to comply with the protective order


Property vandalism in Los Angeles has become a serious concern in recent years, and a desire to put a stop to graffiti and other types of vandalism in and around the city means prosecutors often seek maximum penalties in such cases. Even an act as seemingly minor as vandalism can result in a felony conviction with long-lasting consequences that can adversely affect the rest of your life, including leaving you with a felony criminal record. If you are facing vandalism charges in Los Angeles, don’t hesitate to hire a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney who can help you fight to protect your future and minimize the consequences of your property vandalism arrest. Our lawyers at Criminal Defense Attorney Los Angeles are dedicated to protecting the Constitutional rights of each and every one of our clients, and we will fight aggressively to build a strong defense in your case. We have a comprehensive understanding of the California criminal justice system, and we know what defense strategies work best in property vandalism cases. For a free initial property vandalism consultation, contact our legal team at Criminal Defense Attorney Los Angeles today by calling (213) 205-3100.

Defenses to Property Vandalism Charges

Anyone who has ever had to have body work done on their car or a broken window replaced in their house knows that $400 is not a great deal of money in terms of property damage, and this means that even the smallest act of vandalism can result in felony charges under California law. Fortunately, when you are charged with a criminal offense in Los Angeles, you have the right to assert any argument in court that explains or justifies your alleged behavior, and with a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney on your side, you may be able to develop an argument persuasive enough to challenge the prosecution’s requisite burden of proof. Some defenses that may be helpful in fighting your Los Angeles vandalism charges include the following:

  • You own the property in question;
  • You were falsely accused;
  • You are the victim of mistaken identity;
  • You damaged the property by mistake;
  • You lacked the required malicious intent; or
  • You had permission from the owner of the property.

Working with a Criminal Defense Attorney

Our legal team at Criminal Defense Attorney Los Angeles understands the adverse effect any of the above charges can have on a person’s life. If you have been accused of burglary, stalking, or property vandalism, you need to contact our team.To learn how our experience and creative approach to criminal law can work to your advantage, contact our law office in Los Angeles, California. We are pleased to offer a free consultation.